April fools

So…Apparently, I haven’t posted since March 11th, meaning since before the war started. It is now April 1st….April Fool’s Day….and being the biggest fool I know, I figure I should at least say something.

My stay in Connecticut has come to an end, and now I am back in my home state of Nueva Jersey. I had a nice weekend in Boston with Jen to celebrate the transition and got to see my old friend Nina from high school and her husband. I was progressed (sort of a mini-promotion) last week, which also rocked, although I managed to do poorly on my midterm and now have to try and make up for that.

Then there is the war which is underway and going well. I am not going to say anything more about that right now, as I want to let my thoughts continue to brew on that. Within the past week and a half, we have been witness to perhaps the most unique war in history, and I think anything I could possibly say at this point would be silly. So with that, I will wish our soldiers well and wait until it is over to analyze anything.

Yes…the blog changes are coming soon. Ciao for now.