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Digital first organizations are creating experiences that are addressing an unprecedented amount of design challenges across a rapidly changing set of platforms and channels. This increasing degree of uncertainty requires that these organizations develop a responsive delivery approach to foster collaboration between marketing and its technology partners.

Digital Strategy Creation

Determining how to begin crafting your digital strategy can be one of the most daunting tasks in many organizations.  The challenge is that the scope of digital capabilities and the boundaries of marketing and technology intersect in many ways.  This challenges businesses to quickly define roles and responsibilities across the organization and an overall approach towards governance of an increasingly complex set of assets, channels and functions.

This series begins to address how your organization can begin to decompose its digital strategy problem into something more manageable.

Digital Strategies for Recruitment Marketing

Working with colleagues in a number of organizations, I have enjoyed applying the strategies and tactics of strong digital demand campaigns to the challenges of recruiting talented employees.  The interview below with the team from Wistia describes some of our work in utilizing a heavy video-oriented content strategy.  

The subsequent presentation from the ERE Recruiting Conference gives a view  into how a broader range of customer journey mapping and content marketing tactics can work together in a more comprehensive strategy. 

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Content and Social Media Marketing Trends

Content is the currency of most marketing programs today, and for good reason: it's the one thing that your business can truly own. That said, the number of social media channels and distribution options today is dizzying; it's enough to drive business owners mad. These posts attempt to diffuse the hype surrounding the latest trends in social media and offer context for how you can apply them to your business.