Goodbye Bourbon

Playtime at Home
Getting comfortable in the new digs

One week ago at this time, we were returning from the animal hospital where we had to put our Bourbon to sleep.  His condition had rapidly degraded to the point that he could no longer stand up on his own.  After so many times of wondering if he was near his end, only for him to bounce back even stronger, it was a bit surreal for the moment to arrive where it was absolutely clear that what he needed most was mercy.

As it was the evening of Memorial Day, we had one option which was to bring him to the pet emergency hospital where he once stayed for a week of treatment while he had severe seizures.  This time circumstances were different. He was calm on our car ride, and very agreeable with the staff.  They prepped him and brought him to us on a big comfy rug where he did not squirm or fuss. He just let us say our goodbyes. I probably could not have imagined a sweeter way for him to go; he fell asleep in our arms, snoring, before they gave him his final dose.

It’s been a tough week. Although we cleaned out most of his things, each day you stumble upon something else that reminds you of him: a paw print in the concrete, the places he would sleep, the lack of a water bowl when you reach to fill it. Mostly the hard part is the silence.

Jen put together a touching post about B here, that I think summed things up pretty well:

I know that I did not know what Bourbon would bring to our lives, and although he was a great deal of work, he changed me for the better.

Bourbon, thank you for everything, most of all finding us. I miss you but I hope that you are now at peace.

Finding Bourbon at Homeward Bound
After Bourbon’s first grooming
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