April fools

So…Apparently, I haven’t posted since March 11th, meaning since before the war started. It is now April 1st….April Fool’s Day….and being the biggest fool I know, I figure I should at least say something.

My stay in Connecticut has come to an end, and now I am back in my home state of Nueva Jersey. I had a nice weekend in Boston with Jen to celebrate the transition and got to see my old friend Nina from high school and her husband. I was progressed (sort of a mini-promotion) last week, which also rocked, although I managed to do poorly on my midterm and now have to try and make up for that.

Then there is the war which is underway and going well. I am not going to say anything more about that right now, as I want to let my thoughts continue to brew on that. Within the past week and a half, we have been witness to perhaps the most unique war in history, and I think anything I could possibly say at this point would be silly. So with that, I will wish our soldiers well and wait until it is over to analyze anything.

Yes…the blog changes are coming soon. Ciao for now.

Code orange

So, within the past day, Ansar al Islam, the terrorist group linked to al Qaeda that hopes to create an Islamic state in Northern Iraq has assasinated one of the leaders of the Kurdish opposition today, February 9th. In case anyone remembers, this is what happened with the Northern Alliance two days before September 11th….al Qaeda and the Taliban killed the Northern Alliance leader Masood, in order to cripple their forces in anticipation of retaliation from the US. To me, the interesting thing was, that was September 9th, also a Sunday, two days before the September 11th attacks. The following day, September 10th, there was an NSA intercept that was translated as, “The Match Begins Tomorrow”. So, today was February 9th, also a Sunday, and another al Qaeda affiliate kills off the leader of the primary opposition to the Iraqi government. If there is any type of attack in the world on Tuesday, I’d say that’s more than coindicence. Be on your toes. Code Orange, everyone…

Solar Sunrise revisited

Just reading this NY Times article regarding the fear of attacks by Iraqi computer hackers. I thought it was pretty cool when I read this one passage: “He pointed to an episode in 1998 in which hackers penetrated United States military computers and briefly disrupted troop exercises in the Persian Gulf. The authorities originally suspected Iraqi agents, but they ultimately traced the attack to two California teenagers.” During my course at GW, we had an agent from the NIPC who taught us all about that case. It was dubbed Solar Sunrise, and it involved a couple of California teenagers exploiting a hole in Sun’s Solaris OS at the time of the 1998 crisis with Iraq over weapons inspectors. I love it when the things you learn come back to you. 🙂