My ERE16 Talk on Digital Strategies for Recruitment Marketing

It looks like this month cannot possibly get any busier. In addition to selling one house, buying another, starting a new job and moving across country,  I am speaking at a conference in Las Vegas in early April:  ERE Media’s Talent Acquisition Conference (#ERE16) is one of the leading conferences for Talent Acquisition Leaders. I am flattered to have been invited.

The main theme of the conference is data-driven talent acquisition. My talk is called, “Data-Driven Digital Strategies for Recruitment Marketing”.  In it I will talk about how we defined our strategy beginning with a customer-journey mapping approach, using numerous sources of analytics to determine the potential value of the goals we set for ourselves.

For a taste of what I’ll be talking about, take a look at this fun article I put together for the ERE Blog, called 5 Secret Techniques to Transform Your Recruiters Into Digital Marketers.

See you in Las Vegas!

Update:  Slides from my talk are now included below.